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Welcome. Great that you're interested in CleanUpp! On this page you will find all the information you need to start with CleanUpp.

  • About a CleanUpp subscription
    About CleanUpp

    CleanUpp is a service provided by CleanIT Solutions BV for digitally registering your HACCP administration. For an overview of CleanUpp features, please visit here.


    A monthly subscription for CleanUpp costs € 24,95 excl. VAT (€ 30,19 incl. 21% VAT) per location. With this order form you can purchase one subscription.

    Terms and conditions

    All services of CleanIT Solutions BV, including CleanUpp, are subject to the General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Conditions.

    Term of notice

    The contract duration of a subscription to CleanUpp is always 1 month and is automatically renewed. The notice period is 1 month after the end of the current contract period. For example, if you started your subscription on February 17, and you cancel on September 3, the last contract period will be from September 17 to October 17.

  • Ordering process

    Ordering CleanUpp is very easy via 5 simple steps. All we need from you is some data:

    • Your name
    • Your e-mail address
    • Company name
    • Company data
    • Your account data for the direct debit authorization
    • Contract start date

  • Delivery and payment
    Direct debit

    At CleanUpp it is only possible to pay by direct debit. The final step in the ordering process is to issue a SEPA direct debit authorization to CleanIT Solutions BV to debit the subscription costs from your account. The amount will be debited around the 1st day of the month. You will receive the invoice at least 14 days before by e-mail at the e-mail address you provided. Do you not have enough balance or do you cancel the payment? Then CleanIT Solutions BV can charge administration costs for this. These administration costs are €25,- ex. VAT and in addition to the subscription fee.

    Right of withdrawal

    After concluding the contract, you have no later than 14 days to make use of your right of withdrawal. Making use of your right of withdrawal means that your CleanUpp account will be cancelled immediately, regardless of the standard notice period. However, because CleanUpp is a service that you can use immediately after the conclusion of the contract, we charge the costs of the time you have been able to use CleanUpp. After these 14 days, the usual notice period of one month after the end of your contract period applies.

    You can exercise your right of withdrawal by sending an email to info@cleanupp.com with the subject 'Withdrawal'.

    Account activation

    After the last step is completed and your authorization has been received by us, your account will be activated immediately. From that moment on, you can log in with your details in the CleanUpp Management portal and in the CleanUpp app.

  • After registration
    Your lists

    After the registration has been completed, we can start processing your lists. As a free service, you can send us your lists, after which we process them for you. No later than 7 working days after receipt, we will have your lists ready for you in CleanUpp. If your lists are not compatible with CleanUpp, we reserve the right to refuse your lists.

    Start yourself

    Through our Management portal it is also possible to set up your account yourself. It is very easy to add lists yourself, fill them with tasks and edit them. You can also easily manage things like your settings, your employees and your recipes via the Management portal. Of course, you can also edit all your lists and tasks if we have already added them to CleanUpp for you.


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